It's our pleasure to help. Here's how:

We plan, create, and fully host an event for your amazing group! Our goal is to make your life as easy as possible throughout! Prior to the event, we’ll provide all the info needed (Zoom link, event info, invoice, etc). Our amazing customer service team is also available to answer any questions you have. During the event, one of our hosts will lead your group through a fun and social experience. Additionally, you’ll receive a recap email from us the following business day that summarizes the fun had by everyone.
Our upbeat hosts switch the groupings every round of fun so attendees get to meet and mingle with as many different people as possible! Whenever they’re interacting with others, they have a game, challenge, or activity to focus on so everyone feels comfortable while having a blast. If you would like your players to stay on the same team/groups throughout the duration of the event, we can definitely do that as well.
Just 3 tasks (and we can help with 2 of them)! First, answer a few questions pertaining to your event so we can provide you with the best experience possible. Second, get your group members to show up by providing them with the details and event link. If you’d like help with marketing materials, we can assist for just $50. Third, buy/distribute prizes to winners (if desired). We’re happy to buy/distribute prizes if you’d like for a slight fee. Past that, we’ll take care of everything else!
The 5 main types are Games, Trivia, Social Bingo, Creative Fun, and Game Show events. We also have more than 40 themed events we can lead!
Enjoy interacting with others while playing multiple rounds of unique games in various styles such as party, conversation, tabletop, quick thinking, game shows, and more. The entire event is managed by a friendly host to make sure this is a one-of-a-kind game experience you’ll never forget!
Have a blast interacting with other players through a virtual experience full of trivia and laughs. Each round of unique trivia uses a different part of your brain to have fun and earn points. A dynamic trivia host will ask questions in multiple entertaining ways and create/switch teams throughout.
Play Bingo themed challenges with different groups during the first two thirds of the event and then experience the traditional form of Bingo during the final third. The better you perform with the various challenges, the greater your chance at winning Bingo at the end! A friendly host will ensure players have a ball meeting fellow attendees while creating/switching teams throughout.
Enjoy playing your favorite game shows from the comfort of your room while simultaneously meeting fellow attendees. An upbeat host will enthusiastically lead you and your new friends through exciting/engaging game show entertainment that will have you smiling big throughout.
Nope! We offer full hosting services so we’ll take care of everything. Additionally, we’ll send a recap email the following business day that provides the highlights of your event. It includes the prize winners, their contact info (if you choose to award prizes), attendance, games played, inside jokes, and any other relevant info. Feel free to join the event and play or just sit back and watch!
An event normally lasts anywhere from 1 - 1.5 hours. That being said, you can choose any duration of time for your event. Keep in mind, each additional 30 minutes beyond 1.5 hours will cost an extra $150.
Thankfully, we track attendance based on the number of screens that login. This method of counting screens vs people is more effective and can allow for more folks to have virtual fun. If multiple people login on 1 device, they only count as one screen!
While our starting cost will cover up to 25 login screens, we can host an event for up to 498 login screens. A flat cost of $75 will be added for every extra 25 login screens you want to invite.
No! All they need to bring is a writing utensil and a piece of paper! They can even join the Zoom call without downloading their software.
You can pick the specific types of fun your group will enjoy or allow our host to make these choices for you based on the event variables.
The answer depends mostly on the length of the event. Each game is traditionally played for 15-20 minutes. A 20 min event = 1 game. A 45 min event = 1-2 games played. A 60 min event = 2 games played. A 75 min event = 2-3 games played. A 90 min event = 3-4 games played. That said, you can tell us to focus on less games if you’d like.
We have over 35 types of games that can be enjoyed under 5 main categories - Games, Trivia, Social Bingo, Creative Fun, and Game Shows. To learn what games are available, please reach out through our Comments section and ask for our Information Packet. We're happy to email it your way!
Yes! You can mix-and-match different types of fun from different categories.
Your group will play multiple types of fun/games/challenges throughout your event, unless you specifically request only one type of fun. Each type of fun is traditionally enjoyed for 15-20 minutes before switching to something new.
Absolutely! We love it when group leaders send us their own trivia questions to be sprinkled throughout their event as it can really help to personalize the experience for everyone! The cost for us to ingratiate your questions into a virtual event is just $75.
While that is certainly an option, we highly recommend awarding prizes to players at the end of the event instead of after each round. Announcing prizes at the very end ensures the event will run more smoothly and will have a better flow.
The host will clearly explain how to keep track of points at each step of the event. Points can either be tracked for teams (if teams stay the same throughout) or individuals (if teams change each round). Either way, the host will award points in a fun way and tell players how to keep score on their own pad and paper.
While there are things that can be done to lower the likelihood of cheating, there’s no one way to prevent it 100%. We’re glad to do our due diligence to keep people honest! That said, our events focus on comfortable connections through fun. Some of the steps we’d have to take to further reduce cheating would decrease the amount of fun and social success attendees would experience. We have strategically stopped short of taking these actions.
We recommend organizations keep each prize at $50 or below. Naturally you can give away whatever size prizes you’d like. We just make this suggestion as people can begin to focus more on competition instead of connections and fun once prizes get to a high cash value. Additionally, this can tempt people to cheat more. Due to this last reason, we love to give away prizes for non-point related awards (personality traits, challenges, raffles, etc) along with point winners. Please see the next FAQ to learn more.
Please see our Prize Guide (https://bit.ly/39DXxWL) for more information.
Absolutely! It would be great if you could let us know this may happen in advance so we know to ask attendees whether they’d like to play or watch. If this isn’t done, we’ll assume everyone is there to participate.
We try our best to ensure your event will be secure and safe from Zoom bombers. We’ve taken every precaution Zoom allows to prevent Zoom bombers or limit the amount of disruption they can cause if they are able to join. However, should your event be interrupted, our hosts are trained to respond quickly to remove the the intruders and continue on with the fun! To avoid Zoom bombing, it’s extremely important you don’t share your event’s Zoom link on any type of social media or website.
Absolutely! We love innovative ideas and will try our best to make your request a reality!
Yes! We have over 40 different types of themed events you can choose from. Some examples include Sports, Women’s Empowerment, Diversity/Inclusion, TV Shows, Seasonal, and Movies. For a full list, email a quick request to info@SwitchboardGames.com. Each theme has relevant virtual backgrounds and various types of games with themed content. There is no extra cost to pick one of these themed events!
You can! We’re happy to put together an entire event (visuals and fun content) based on a theme you provide us. The cost to do so is $150.
No, you will not have to do any type of RSVP. We do not need names or emails. Simply send your members the Zoom link and tell them when to log in. We’ll take care of the rest!
No (for the most part). All we need to know is what attendance range you project you'll fall between (Up to 25 login screens, 26-50 login screens, 51-75 login screens, etc). The exact attendance is not necessary.
Yes! Any member of your group may make a speech/announcement at the beginning, end, or both. They can speak for as long as they’d like. We’ll ask you in your booking conversation if anyone would like to say something so the host knows to kick it over to them at the appropriate time.
Yes! Simply let us know in advance you would like the Participation Report. We’re glad to include it with your Recap Email the following business day. This will provide you with their Name, Email, and duration they were on the call. FYI - Email addresses for every attendee is NOT guaranteed as Zoom does not accumulate this info if they login through the browser.
We work hard to make sure we never sell out so it's almost certain we can help out whenever you'd like! That said, simply ask us if we’re available on your selected date/time. If we’re not, we’ll work with you to choose another date that will work for you and your group!
Yes. You may change the date and/or time of your event after booking. If it’s done more than 7 days in advance, there will be no additional cost. If we already sent your marketing materials, we would charge you $50 to resend these graphics. If you request a time or date change within 7 days of the event, you will be charged a $95 rescheduling fee.
If you paid in advance and cancel your event over 48 hours in advance, you will receive a complete refund. If you cancel less than 48 hours before the event, you will receive a 75% refund.
If you have NOT paid and you cancel more than 48 hours before your event, you will not be charged unless you received marketing materials. If you did, we would charge you $50 for this service. If you cancel less than 48 hours before, we will change you 25% of your original event cost.
No. You can fill out our online questionnaire (https://forms.gle/ftfreyNPrAvkKpdq6) to provide pertinent event details, and we’ll take it from there! We’ll reach out to confirm your event is scheduled and ask any questions we have. Of course, if you’d like to speak to us on the phone, we’d be more than happy to have a conversation to discuss your upcoming event (619-393-1959)!
Our virtual events are exclusively hosted on Zoom due to this platform's features/speed that allow us to lead events that are smooth, dynamic, and exciting.
It's likely! We’re happy to host an event on a video call you set up. Simply provide us with the link in advance, make sure breakout rooms are enabled (we can help with this if needed), and make us a Host/Co-Host when we log in. Happy to take care of everything from there! **Due to its limitations, we do not host events on Microsoft Teams.
Absolutely! Our flexible event format allows people to login and leave whenever they’d like. Since groups normally change every round, players will not be hurting their team by leaving early or arriving late. We can easily roll with changing attendance throughout an event.
We have worked with many groups of all ages from all different backgrounds and would be more than happy to work with yours.
Roughly half 60% of the event is spent in the Main Room with the host and all participants. The other 40% is experienced in the breakout rooms with small groups.
We aim to send 3-5 screens to each breakout room. We’ve found this amount of people is traditionally the most comfortable amount of teammates for both extroverts and introverts.
Absolutely! Our virtual events are specifically designed to make everyone feel comfortable from the moment they login to the moment they logout. This is especially true for introverts.
They do not. It is perfectly acceptable for someone to keep their camera off throughout.
That the event will be fun, comfortable, and social. No other knowledge is needed. We will inform them of everything they need to know during their experience.
No, players do not have to be tech savvy. We will provide you with directions that explain how to login to the event. Simply pass this intel along to your members along with the event link. Once they login, our host will take over from there!
The host will log in 5-10 minutes before the start of your event. They will gladly let everyone in from the waiting room at the exact event start time.
Yes! If you would like to log on 5 minutes before your event begins you’ll be able to chat with your host. Please let us know in advance who you’d like us to let in from the waiting room so they can chat with the host.
We will open the virtual doors at the exact time your soiree is scheduled to start. Players will be kept in the waiting room by the host until the official start time. From that point on, attendees will be let in to the main room shortly after they login.
Yes/Maybe! If the event is on YOUR account, you can definitely stay on the call after the hosted fun is completed. If it’s on OUR account, you may stay on the call after the hosted fun is over granted we don’t have another soiree scheduled on that same account. Either way, if this is something you’re interested in doing, please let us know in advance so we can let you know if it’s feasible and inform the host of your plans.
Yes. You may stay for as little or as long as you would like!
Traditionally, teams will change throughout the duration of the event allowing players to mix, mingle, and socialize as much as possible. Requests can be made to keep teams the same.
Yes, absolutely! If you’d like to go the predetermined team route, you would simply need to send us a list of teams in advance so that way our host would know how to group everyone!
It most likely will not. We’ll let you know if it did need to change for any reason.
The host traditionally uses their own themed backgrounds. However, if you would like to send us a specific background for the host to use, we can make that happen! In this scenario, high resolution photos in landscape mode work the best.
Yes, we will send you a quick video of your host 1-3 business days before your event!
We can definitely help with marketing materials for an additional $50! They would include a promo graphic and an animated graphic. Each would be completely personalized with your event's info so you can easily send to your group!
You may pay by check, credit card, PO, Venmo, or ACH.
We have a net 45 payment policy, so your invoice will be due 45 days from the day of your first event. For example, if your event is on May 10th, your invoice will be due on June 25th.
You will not be charged taxes or need to put a deposit down. We will apply a 3% credit card fee if you decide to pay by this method.
No. However, we can provide you with a contract if that’s necessary for your records. We can also sign your contract if required.