Connecting groups through unique fun!

Customized events thrown by us, more smiles for them, less stress for you.

Why Switchboard Games

Your well-run organization is amazing! You know hosting social events increases group satisfaction and creates a connected community. However, they require a lot of time, money, energy, skills, connections, and resources while taking you away from what you do best.

Simply put, it’s our passion to create and orchestrate amazing events that connect members of quality organizations through engaging play! This love developed through multiple years of management at Movie Theaters and Amusement Parks. It was here we enthusiastically learned about the power of escapism, fun, and collective experiences while simultaneously entertaining millions. This experience allows us the unique ability to be event planners, hosts, MCs, and entertainers all in one.

How It Works

Our organization is set up to do one thing really well. Connect your group through unique entertainment. We’re happy to do all the work to ensure your people have all the fun. What’s more, you don’t have to lift a finger! Here’s the plan:

How we connect

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” - Plato

Agreed! We believe happiness and comfortable connections are most effectively achieved when people:

Thankfully, this is our specialty. Hence the name, Switchboard Games. Like old school switchboard operators, it’s our pleasure to “connect” people!

Our Mission Statement

Plan AND execute customizable events that are fun AND social for small to medium sized organizations. Each experience is designed to comfortably connect groups through unique forms of entertainment in a manner that saves leadership time, money, and energy.

Our Vertical Entertainment

Allows games, art, and challenges to be enjoyed on vertical, dry erasable surfaces. Leaves the table free for food/drinks as players enjoy standing up or sitting down, inside or out. No one else offers this type of entertainment.

Our Promise

Our unique events will increase group satisfaction, strengthen community camaraderie, showcase your appreciation, impress and entertain, retain current members, recruit new member, save you time, money, and energy, and allow you to focus on other vital tasks.