We help community managers by connecting their neighborhoods through VIRTUAL events that are comfortable, fun, social, & SAFE. Every fully hosted event sees us entertain and connect neighbors on live video conference calls. Experienced MCs provide instructions/encouragement, keep score online, and place players in small groups to meet neighbors through fun.

Virtual Community Connectors

If you're a leader at a residential community, you likely have a lot to do and less time to do it in. We know because we used to manage businesses ourselves. Our goal is to help by fully hosting a variety of VIRTUAL, fun, and social events designed to safely/comfortably connect your residents, save you time/stress, and improve your bottom line.

How it works:

- We safely entertain and connect your community through VIRTUAL events so you can focus on other vital tasks.

- Your residents log in to a hosted social event from the safety of their own home on a phone or laptop.

- Your event is fully moderated by experienced hosts who lead engaging fun to ensure your residents become pals.

- You improve your bottom line due to happier/loyal residents who know you care when they need you the most.

Why we're good at it:

- Experienced - Successfully managed large businesses in entertainment/hospitality industry.

- Innovative - Created the concept of social entertainment in 2016.

- Virtual - Can entertain & connect communities across the US.

- Passionate - Connecting residents and helping managers is what we love to do.

- Fully Insured - General Liability and Workers Comp Insurance.



Providing one-of-a-kind events can be mighty tough. That’s why we’re here! We enthusiastically do the heavy lifting so your group enjoys social entertainment while you focus on other priorities. Here’s how we help:

  • Planning


A quick phone conversation is all we need to provide a high quality virtual event for your individual community.
Once your virtual community event has been booked, provide your amazing neighborhood with the date, time, and video conference link so they can log in on their smart phone or laptop. We'll gladly provide you with descriptive verbiage to help promote your virtual soiree.
Host moderates entire event with themed background to create an entertaining ambiance. From the moment your neighborhood logs in, they are immersed in fun they can see.
Our experienced host greets every community player when they log in and makes them feel comfortable throughout the event. They ensure everyone has a stress-free and wildly entertaining time making new friends from the safety of their own home.
Technology can be easy for some, hard for others. No worries! Our host talks your residents through every tech step necessary once they join the live video conference call.
Every type of virtual entertainment is created with one goal in mind --> Meet neighbors through safe, fun, comfortable, and social fun. It's what we love to do!

Our Story

Hosting events since May 2016

Our fascination with social entertainment began growing up in small towns with no fun nearby. It grew quickly through college and 14 years of managing movie theaters & amusement parks.

As our work experience progressed to lead bigger businesses and live in larger cities, our passion increased with it. However, the more people we entertained and lived near, the less real connections we experienced. This led us to wonder if the power of entertainment could be used to effectively connect neighborhoods through events that are virtual, comfortable, fun, AND social. Our enthusiastic answer is Switchboard Games!

We love what we do, the managers we assist, and the residents we connect along the way!


Curious what an event with social entertainment looks like? Wonder no more! Spoiler alert – Sooooo many laughs and big smiles.


Their fun is your gain!  Connect your community through our unique fun to satisfy residents and boost income!


"I am a manager for a high-rise residential building and we threw a game night at a local restaurant with Ryan and Switchboard Games and my residents had an absolute blast. Ryan was an amazing host and his outside the box thinking, to create something so engaging and fun for people, really brought our residents closer and several new friendships were made. I look forward to doing this again and highly recommend using him at your next event."

Amber Peralez
Manager - ICON Condominiums

"As a host of several single mixer groups, I am always trying to come up with new ways to help my attendees mix and mingle.

Collaborating and attending a couple games night hosted by Switchboard was the perfect way to ease the anxiety, awkwardness, and uncomfortable atmosphere mixers can have. They, also, eased the facilitation process for me as a host. I highly recommend attending their events (it's really a great way to make new connections) and if you want to host a community event, collaborate with them to see how they can help."

Ruby Le
Good Gentleman President/Single Social Introverts SD Organizer

"I've thrown many events throughout multiple venues in San Diego and every time I added Switchboard Games, it elevated the event to another level. Seeing guests smile constantly and having fun by bringing them back to classic games; made these events more entertaining and enjoyable for everyone. These games are an automatic ice-breaker, comfortably making even the shyest of guest a social butterfly. I never question utilizing Switchboard Games at every opportunity."

Nic Alonzo
Theatre Box San Diego - Marketing & Events Sales Manager

"Switchboard Games is synonymous with “guaranteed fun”! They take great care in organizing their events and insuring everyone is involved and having a wonderful time. The concept of taking classic games and making them vertical is genius! The set up is perfect for an all inclusive group interaction and keeps the games safe from food or drink spillage. Switchboard Games really takes networking and social events to the next level!"

Donna Callahan
Mission Brewery Events Manager

"Switchboard Games took our event to the next level. It added a fun, much-needed interactive element that all of our guests loved! Ryan was great to work with and I would highly recommend Switchboard Games for any event."

Caitlin Marr
Quartyard San Diego Events Manager

"Our brewery had a 1 year anniversary party and switchboard games was an incredible addition. We were not sure how our normal clientele would receive the vertical games but everyone LOVED them! It was a great social and casual, fun activity to do at our brewery and complimented our party perfectly. I would highly recommend at least trying it out, you would be surprised how much people love them. Ryan was so easy to work with. He was responsive and timely and very personable. Overall, great service, great experience, and we would definitely use them again for a future event."

Hanna Pruzansky
Bay City Brewery Events Manager

"Switchboard Games made our church singles' event a success! We brought together 50+ people who didn't know each other, played Switchboard Games for a couple hours and by the end of the night, everyone was friends with everyone. Ryan and his team made the whole evening so simple for us; they booked the venue, set up everything and customized the games specifically for our group. I would highly recommend Switchboard Games for any group that is looking to build community quickly and naturally in a stress-free setting."

Alyssa Miller
Grace Church San Diego 20-30's Age Singles Group Leader

"Switch Board Games ignites playful creativity for young and old. Our parents and children enjoy the family friendly vertical games and encouraging services offered. This is a clever and interactive approach to board games."

LeeAnn E.
Ronald McDonald House Charities Volunteer Associate


Here are some of the companies we've been happy to assist with events.


Use the Calculator below to quickly determine pricing for your Virtual Community Event. To ask any and all questions, fill out your info and write your inquiry in the "Comments/Questions" section. We'll happily reach out soon to discuss!

About Your Event:

Candid photographs/screenshots of community enjoying themselves during VIRTUAL event. Best 3 are edited and sent to management. Great for community emails, newsletters, or social media.
We purchase & email $10 worth of GCs to winners. Used to incentivize enthusiasm, new connections, and fun.
We purchase & email $20 worth of GCs to winners. Used to incentivize enthusiasm, new connections, and fun.
We purchase & email $40 worth of GCs to winners. Used to incentivize enthusiasm, new connections, and fun.
We purchase & email $60 worth of GCs to winners. Used to incentivize enthusiasm, new connections, and fun.
You choose the amount of Digital Gift Cards you'd like us to use to incentivize enthusiasm, new connections, and fun.
Have an idea to make your VIRTUAL community event even more special? Tell us what you have in mind in the "Comments/Questions" section!
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