Our turnkey Virtual & Hybrid events (game nights, trivia, bingo, game shows, creative, & holiday) are designed with 3 goals in mind:

1) Connect groups through comfortable and unique fun.

2) Help group leaders by taking care of every event task.

3) Make bookings quick & keep costs low (starting at $415)!

Connections Through Comfortable Fun

- We fully plan/host virtual or hybrid events for up to 498 people.

- You choose date/time to connect your group through unique fun.

- Book quickly with no taxes, contracts, or deposits!

- Fun & social event is created to get your members out of their shells.

- We provide Zoom link or host on yours. It's up to you!

- Our host greets, guides, & entertains everyone in large virtual room.

- Players sporadically placed in breakout rooms to play in small groups.

- Different kind of fun enjoyed every round with a new small group.



Providing one-of-a-kind events can be mighty tough. That’s why we’re here! We enthusiastically do the heavy lifting so your group enjoys social entertainment while you focus on other priorities. Here’s how we help:

  • Planning


A 10-20 minute phone conversation is all we need to provide a high quality virtual or hybrid event for your amazing group.
Once your virtual or hybrid event has been booked, provide your amazing group with the date, time, and Zoom link so they can log in on their smart phone or laptop. We'll gladly provide an event description and promo video for free. We can event create a personalized flyer and animated graphic to help market your virtual soiree for a small fee!
Host moderates the entire event with themed backgrounds and music to create an entertaining ambiance. From the moment your group members join in, they are immersed in fun they can see and hear!
Our experienced host greets every player when they log in and makes them feel comfortable throughout the event. They ensure everyone has a stress-free and wildly entertaining time making new friends or connecting with old ones.
Technology can be easy for some, hard for others. No worries! Our host talks your members through every tech step necessary once they join. If you're hosting a hybrid event, we'll help you (the leader) get the Zoom call broadcasted on a TV at the in-person venue. Don't worry, it's not too tough!
Every type of virtual or hybrid entertainment is created with one main goal in mind --> Make it comfortable and easy for group members to truly connect through unique fun. It's what we love to do!

Our Story

In-person events since 2016 | Virtual events since 2020 | Hybrid events since 2021

To begin with - We LOVE what we do! Here's how we found our passion.

Our fascination with social entertainment began growing up in small towns with no fun nearby. It grew quickly through college and 14 years of managing movie theaters & amusement parks.

As our work experience progressed to lead bigger businesses and live in larger cities, our passion increased with it! However, the more people we entertained and lived near, the less real connections we experienced. This led us to wonder if the power of entertainment could be used to effectively connect people through events that are comfortable, fun, AND social. Our enthusiastic answer is Switchboard Games!

Our name was created with old school Switchboard Operators in mind. Just like them, we are dedicated to "connecting" people. But instead of using cables and phones, we use fun and games!

In 2016, we began hosting in-person events that were designed to encourage small group interactions. Various forms of themed entertainment were spread out at multiple stations. Each round saw friendly people switch stations and make new friends while enjoying different fun.

When social distancing became necessary in 2020, we immediately pivoted to hosting virtual events on live Zoom calls. It was exciting to see that our one-of-a-kind brand of game nights, trivia, social bingo, game shows, creative fun, & holiday events work perfectly in this format (due to the small group interactions that can take place in breakout rooms)!

We're thrilled to bring people together when they need each other the most. What's more, we now have the ability to entertain/connect groups across the world and the experience needed to exceed expectations. Needless to say, we truly love what we do, the leaders we assist, and the people we connect along the way!

**Quick Note - If you found us, we're proud to say we didn't pay a dime to get you here. We spend $0 on marketing as we'd rather keep prices low. It's our goal to grow by having friendly sales chats, exceeding expectations, and giving back to both the amazing leaders we assist (through freebies, discounts, & referral rewards) and the incredible charities we donate to with every booking. Hey....when we say we're passionate about comfortable connections, that's not just with our events. It's evident with everything we do!


We're honored to speak with the news about our story, our event services, and our ability to continue doing what we love!

Enjoy watching our promo video! It gives a brief summary of how our event format entertain and connects people simultaneously.

Wondering what our virtual events look like? Here's a 7 minute sample event that allows you to experience how our fun and social format feels!


"Using Switchboard Games for my virtual events has made my life easier as an Activities Director, and provided us with options for things we would not have been able to do in-house. The hosts are engaging and fun, and my students always have a great time during these events. As a college with a huge online population, this has given us the opportunity to connect students from all across the country."

Abbie Twyford Wilson
Eastern Gateway Community College - Dir. of Student Activities

"Switchboard games did an amazing job catering to my organization’s needs. Our Switchboard-hosted game night was the perfect way for our incoming students to engage with each other before orientation and classes start in the fall, and I would definitely recommend this service to anyone looking to foster community and fun in their group using an accessible online platform!"

Jamie Katz
American University Washington College of Law - Admissions Counselor

"Switchboard games is the perfect way to throw a virtual games party for your team at work. The fun, the passion and the enthusiasm that Switchboard games brought to us was essential especially in this remote work environment where team bonding is much needed. The event was really engaging and the hosts made it easy for us. I would recommend other teams to try it out too."

Jiaqi Zou
Microsoft - Electrical Engineer

"Working with Switchboard Games was so easy and stress free! They were so attentive and very responsive. You really don't have to worry about anything which is so wonderful and such a relief! We used them to host a college event and the students loved the host and had so much fun! They were recommended to me and I would highly recommend them to anyone else!"

Valerie Romanello
Sarah Lawrence College - Assistant Director of Student Involvement & Leadership

"Switchboard Games worked hard to make sure our company's virtual End of Year Celebration was a blast! Some friendly competition brought our team together more than we've been in months. We can't wait to book with them again!"

Mary Hungerford
Thrive Chicago - Operations Coordinator

"Thank you to Switchboard Games for an amazing company event. In this world of virtual meetings, it was wonderful to participate in one that was fun and high energy. This is an event that our employees will talk about for a long time. If you are looking for a way to bring your team together in a fun and entertaining way, Switchboard Games is the way to go."

Monica S. Areford
VP of Ops - Enterprise Residential

"Switchboard Games joined us for our annual Holiday Party - of course, this year over Zoom. They were fantastic and our host Donna did a wonderful job bringing the holiday spirit and keeping everyone engaged! We were able to personalize the event with employee related questions and how many rounds/timing we wanted to do. Overall, the event couldn't have gone more smooth from start to finish and we absolutely recommend them!"

Jane Marshall
Riddle & Bloom - Senior Account Manager

"I used Switchboard Games for a virtual holiday party. Setting up was easy. Ryan and Sarah responded to all of my questions quickly and thoroughly, and they were very flexible. The event went off without a hitch. Gabby was a fantastic host and kept the mood light and fun! This service is a great value. Takes a lot of stress off the host."

Jamie Brown
AAR Corp - Paralegal, Legal Department Coordinator

"Our teams loved the trivia games event. We were able to relax, enjoy some virtual camaraderie and have some much needed laughs! The event was well organized, reasonably priced and a lot of fun. Thank you again for being such a great host."

Jennifer Nagel
Greystar - Senior Director of Real Estate

"Our residents absolutely loved the virtual game night we hosted with Switchboard Games! It was amazing to see people laughing, smiling, and having fun during this difficult time we are all going through. We highly recommend trying this event out for your residents to help them connect with each other while we are all stuck at home."

Shannon Dezek
Alliance Residential - Business Manager

"Switchboard Games has been a FANTASTIC company to work with during these crazy times! Getting creative with running events virtually has been a new challenge that we are all facing, but they take all of the obstacles from you and make it easy to enjoy the fun! Using Switchboard Games has been a great way to keep our residents engaged while keeping the sense of community alive here at our properties! Thank you, Switchboard Games, for taking all of the work off of our plate and allowing us to create fun new memories with our residents!"

Lindsay Bogati
Fairfield Residential - Resident Service Coordinator for 3 Communities


Here are some of the Companies we've been happy to assist with events.


Here are some of the Schools we've been happy to assist with events.

Apartment Companies

Here are some of the Apartment Companies we've been happy to assist with events.


Hello! To ask questions or receive a quote, please fill out your info and submit. Each fully hosted event starts at $415 - $490. With any virtual or hybrid soiree, there are no fees, taxes, deposits, or contracts required. Our motto with cost - "We'd rather earn 10 quick dimes than 1 slow dollar". We can't wait to exceed your expectations and look forward to connecting soon!

About Your Event:

We're happy to allow up to 198 people to enjoy your virtual event!
We're happy to allow up to 298 people to enjoy your virtual event!
The best of both worlds! Group members simultaneously enjoy the same social fun by logging in through Zoom or by attending in person at the venue of your choice.
We provide you with personalized invitation verbiage, a graphic, and an animated graphic to easily help you market your event. BIG time saver!
30 sec video with edited clips from your group's event. Great for e-blasts, newsletters, social media, or to simply share with attendees.
We seamlessly incorporate a number of Q&A's about your Organization or Group members (that you provide) into the fun your group experiences!
We design a unique virtual background with your Organization's logo. Used by the host and available for invited players to use as well!
Event Starts At: $0

Thank You!

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We believe in high-quality connections, not high-pressure sales. If you have any questions, comments, or requests, we’d love to hear from you.

Email - Info@SwitchboardGames.com

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